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If you find yourself going to an event or you have a wedding or a function that you must wear high heels while being pregnant, here are some great tips to avoid pain in those heels. You always want to consider the height. Remember, regardless of pregnancy or not, high heels put stress on the lower back. As we stand in high heels, our center of gravity shifts forward. This causes excess stress on the lower back. When a woman is pregnant, her center of gravity is shifted forward, which means as she stands in those heels she has even greater stress placed onto the lower back.

If you are pregnant and you must wear high heels, I recommend choosing a shorter height, two to three inches, never going above that three inches, and try and focus on the posture while standing in the heels. Another great tip to avoid pain if you must wear heels while pregnant is to recover the body after you slide off those heels. Oftentimes a lot of the pain we experience when wearing high heels is actually after we slide off the heels. So I recommend incorporating low back stretches, hip flexor stretches and upper back stretches.

Tips To Wear High Heels In Pregnancy:

Wearing heels during pregnancy is not at all advisable, as it can lead to serious harm to both you and your unborn baby. However, if you absolutely must, then keep the following tips in mind:

  • It is okay to wear low heels in your first trimester, after which the hormonal flow increases and your muscles start to stretch.
  • Try to wear lower and sturdier heels.
  • Buy shoes that are comfortable and don’t create a tight grip on your feet.
  • Avoid stilettos, platform heels or kitten heels. The thinner the heels, the lesser support your body will get, making it all the more difficult to maintain balance.
  • If you have to wear heels during the entire day, try to take short breaks. Take them off for a while, relax your feet and then put them on again. Wearing wedge heels during pregnancy is not a good idea because there will be increase in body weight, shape and center of gravity changes affecting your walking. Also, ligaments will be looser which may lead to muscle strain and joint instability.
  • At parties or outings, avoid walking or standing for longer durations in high heels. If you have to wear them to get the perfect look, try to sit around most of the time.
  • Replace your heels with flats for everyday purpose.
  • If you have worn heels and are experiencing discomfort, try stretching exercises for calf muscles and gently massage your feet

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