BOOPH Women’s Under The Bump Cotton Maternity Panties Hipsters Underwear 5 of Pack

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BOOPH Maternity Hipsters Panties Are very cushy and At ease in your Whole pregnancy.
Low upward push maternity panties that includes with reasonable full protection are compatible perfectly underneath the bump with out pressure, rolling and slipping.
◆Undies Characteristic:
◆Top quality cotton
◆Low upward push design
◆Double lining design
◆Light-weight stretch-band
◆underneath the bump with out slipping or rolling

Elastic waistband pull on closue, low waist U form underneath Bump. They do not cinch, pinch, or feel too tight.
Distinctive Top-upward push on back with reasonable full protection suit your butt save you slipping out of your waist
Best possible 360-degree care belly -Light-weight stretch, breathable, hygroscopic. Best possible are compatible underneath the belly.
Natural combed cotton material with just right stretch, cushy underside, At ease and breathable for you and your baby
The hips size:L(CN)(ninety five-one zero five CM), XL(CN)(one zero five-one hundred twenty CM),XXL(CN)(a hundred and ten-one hundred thirty five CM)

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