Women Menstrual Period Briefs Sanitary Leakproof Briefs & Postpartum Easy Clean Bleeding Protective Panties-3 Pack

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Our panties are great for all day long wear and likewise for overnight protection. Use them along side your pad, liner, tampon, cup or incontinence pad for without equal protection. It will save you on a lot of extremely embarrassing occasions. Feel safe with that extra layer of material to offer protection to your pants from embarrassing leaks. No more embarrassing moments for you!
Light bladder leakage? Use our panties along side your incontinence liner or pad for that extra protection so that it will get you throughout the day!
We suggest that you wash our panties before you use them, as the inner layer is made of a leak proof material that may make a rustling noise in the beginning. Our period panties are super easy to clean and won’t fade. Feel safe and wear our period panties throughout your heaviest period and save your cute panties from ugly blood stains.
Washing instruction: Machine wash cold, with like colors. If desired, pre-wash, apply small amount of hydrogen peroxide to take away blood.
Please note that even as we would like that our period panties could give protection to you without the pad, tampon or other liners, it’s non absorbent and just meant as an extra barrier to offer protection to your outer clothes. Feel safe and protected even as wearing our Tansan Period Panties!
Material: 95% Bamboo viscose fabric,5% spandex. Leakproof lining( Please note: These panties should not have absorbent function)
Soft full coverage panties designed to hold Menstrual pads or postpartum maternity pads, With a number of room for pads and a waistband of wide lace that adds a type of feminine feel, the very best alternative to the hospital mesh granny panty or ugly Walmart / Target panties. Feel stylish even to your heaviest day!
RECOMMENDED USE: young girl who just stated their first period. Menstrual cycle heavy glide, postpartum bleeding, fecal and urinary incontinence, postnatal recovery, weak bladder regulate
With long and wide inner leakproof lining in the back and front, it adds extra protection from staining your clothes and sheets throughout your menstrual periods
NOT for ABSORBENCY: The leak proof lining serves to prevent liquid going through, MUST use along side sanitary napkins, tampons, pantyliners, menstrual cups, maternity pads or incontinence pads for menstrual protection.

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